Music production Services Online

Mystique Production online services offers bands and/or Artists a wide range of production options online. Mystique has facilities to record, mix, master, arrange and compose any genre of music online. We offer each of those stages individually or in combination as per request.

We provide demo deals with full studio packages online at unbelievable prices, so check us out!!!

Please contacts us if you have specific needs in terms of music, promotion or productions online or locally, let us know exactly what you’re looking for. We only work on projects we are confident we are able to deliver professional Services.

Production + Consulting Services Online

We understand that it's  not just about being in the top-notch musician. Through small group classes or private one-on-one consulting sessions, you’ll learn how to thrive in an industry drenched in hard-to-understand performing rights legalities and distribution laws.

Our partner attorney, is available for litigation advice as well.

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We’ll also connect you with our tried-and-true partners like graphic design firms, T-shirt makers and album designers to help in building your band’s brand, artwork and recognition.

Our studios boast full production capabilities, including cutting-edge recording technology Pro Tools software,  MIDI keyboard, with a variety of instruments and outboard gear.

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Get featured on playlist, and radio stations through Mystique Productions

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Studios contain treated isolation rooms for pollution-proof, pure and unadulterated sound recording—    vocals ranging from bass to soprano can shine!

Writing Sessions + Streaming Services Online

Welcome to your space to create, write, experiment, invent and collaborate. Whether you hang out for an hour or a whole day, our live rooms are comfortable and conducive to creativity. Plus, they’re Wi-Fi connected and contain hi-def video capabilities: Bolster your fan following by live-streaming practice sessions, or previewing new albums.

Album Release + Parties Services Online

Did it take years of painstaking work or was it a weeklong stroke of artistic brilliance?  However long you’ve been working on your album, we’ll help you organize a cozy, intimate preview party for family and friends.

Hear your tunes blast over our heart-rattling sound system while your guests help themselves to refreshments in our sleek kitchen. We know—it’s pretty damn cool.

By offering high-quality production services, cutting edge recording technology and expert guidance, we build artist repertoire. We’re leaders in the independent record industry and strive to provide musicians of all levels with the greatest opportunity for success.

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Note: All mixing Services Online is per quote and requires 50% deposit. Please provide a URL (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) to where we may download your audio files for assessment.