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Mystique Productions offers professional audio engineer. With 10 years of mixing experience your projects will sound professional even if your new to the industry.

 Mystique Products has great rates!

Mystique Productions Offers professional  and quality sounding production for Singles, Albums and  Mixtapes at AFFORDABLE prices.

Mystique Productions has Fast TURNAROUNDS & is Simple to Use. Email the files and they will be quickly mixed and emailed back to you.

Mystique  Productions Uses World-Class Equipment.



1. Place your order and upload your song to our site.
2. Within 72 hours, we'll send you a high-quality mp3 preview.
3. Request a modification or approve to get the final files.If you have the raw audio tracks but no facility for We provide the necessary facilities to allow you to get proper mixing of your audio track. We can load them up onto our system and mix them for you.


Mystique Productions' Online Mixing Services for any music style. Have your tracks mixed AND mastered for total sound precision. Full mixing from raw tracks, touch-up mixing, and everything in between.

Mystique Productions mixes your music using the same pro gear and top quality equipment in high quality studios ,for our clients. Mixing is the adjustment of the individual multitrack elements of a song. This is where the music comes alive!


 Prices range as per song. The basic includes a quick mix - level adjustments, EQ, and compression. There are also upgrades available:

- Mastering or Advanced Mastering for optimal playback and loudness
- Timing and Pitch correction
- FX such as reverbs/delays, automation, group busses, etc
- Analog equipment like compressors, tube preamps, and tape

I can also send back mixed group stems from my session.
Mastering can be upgraded to Advanced Mastering

Turn around time on all orders is a max of one week. 2-day rush service is available for order.

Get in touch if you have any questions!