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Online Mastering

Online Mastering Services..... If you have a stereo audio track that needs to be Mastered, we can rip your audio from CD and process it using our State of the Art  Mastering Software and Equipment. Our demo deals offer bands great value recording sessions…

Mystique Productions also have deals for singers and solo artists…
Vocal Experience deal 
Solo Artist deals

Basic Mastering
EQ, Compression, Noise Reduction (if necessary), Clarity Boost & Warm Low-End Punch, Limiting, more....


Online Professional Mastering!!!

• Detailed Equalization
• Multi-Band Compression
• Noise Reduction (if necessary)
• Dynamic Range Enhancement
• Harmonic Saturation Processing
• Stereo Imaging
• Clarity Boost & Warm Low-End punch that may be missing from your flat mixes
• No "presets" applied, every song is processed based on its needs
• Free Professional Dithering if you submit 24bit or higher quality files
• Competitive volume maximization


Order Services Now

I specialize in mastering for the digital age: iTunes & SoundCloud.

I guarantee your mixes will shine brighter and louder than any other mixes on any digital platform.

When you order Mystique Produtions services  you get the same thing I offer to the clients who come in to my studio - the full package with no extra cost and unlimited revisions.

Customized EQ and compression to add clarity and punch.
Stereo Widening.
Commercial Standard Volume Level.
Harmonic Saturation- makes the song feel richer and fuller.
Up-sample your existing track to commercial releases.

 Here's what you'll get:

The Full ANALOG Experience - Full commercial-grade analog mastering chain- including file formats to add unbelievable depth, punch and warmth to your mixes.

You will get TWO LOSSLESS formats:

48 khz /24bit - Best format for Soundcloud and iTunes.
mp3 320kbs - highest possible resolution for an mp3.


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Online mastering