Marketing music online in the digital era can be confusing and overwhelming. Face the facts! 

Where should you start? What do you focus on?



The internet has opened up endless possibilities to marketing online entertainment, and, while that may seem daunting, it really allows you to experiment and let your creativity run wild! The key is to learn from the promotions and marketing you run, make changes, and fine-tune them to your unique needs. 

1. Live Music Promotion and Marketing

With everything is moving towards the digital age, it’s easy to forget about the value of the person-to-person interaction. These days, you can create great quality music, release it, distribute it, promote and market it, and even play live without ever leaving your room. But, just because you can release something entirely online doesn’t mean you should! In fact, these personal interactions are still extremely important in marketing in the music industry.

The live show is so much more than just performing. You can use gigs to Market your music, new album, or song.

2. Use Social Media to Market Your Gigs and Appearances

We all use social media. These days, if you’re not on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s almost like you don’t exist. However, you may not be using social media to it’s full potential to Market your music. Although social media is not a straight-up marketing platform, It’s really a catalyst for conversation and word-of-mouth marketing. 

We know how to frame the content in interesting ways. For example, if you’re in the studio recording a new album, try sprinkling little updates on social media. Tell a story about your studio experience that day, share a photo of the mix, or post a short teaser Vine of a song.

3. Market Your Music and sell it on Your Online Website

WE Provide you with your very own website which should never be a static thing. It should be ever adapting and changing to reflect new events in your career. Basically, you want your fans stopping by your website as often as possible. The more often they’re on your site, the more chances they have to buy an album, merch, tickets, or any other product you have available.

4. Reach out to Music Blogs

If you want to Market  your music, it isn’t just about sharing things with your fans. You also want to reach out to new audiences and convert them to fans, and music blogs are a great way to do that. Bloggers are always looking for fresh, new content, and the cool thing is, there are a ton of smaller blogs that are totally within your reach as an indie artist. Blogs also tend to have a pretty niche following. This means that if your music is run on a blog, it’s guaranteed to be seen by people who already like the genre!

.5. Collaborate with Other Musicians

Collaboration is an often overlooked aspect of music promotion. It’s a great way to get your music in front of another group of people and make new fans.  If you create a song or video, link to each other’s websites. If it’s a gig, try to drive your fans to each other’s merch table to pick up a CD. Now That's Marketing!!

6. Promote with Email

The obvious use of an email list is to let your fans know when you have an album coming out or a tour. You can also use your email list to send fans to your blog. Remember, you want to get your fans on your website as often as possible.

Laying the Foundation for Online Music Marketing

  • How to Engage Your Fans So They Support You
  • Steps to Effective Music Marketing
  • Creating a Framework for Internet Promotion
  • Building Your Hub and Spoke Structure
  • An Effective Music Website
  • Your Content Marketing Plan
  • Modes of Online Communication
  •  Post and Share Online

 These marketing services are offerred online by our organisation, Contact us for more info!

We Offer Marketing services online to :

  • Songwriters, musicians and bands of all types
  • Anyone with the gift of music and a willingness to share it
  • Active performers, managers and music promoters


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