Fyah Konkarah Biography

Fyah Konkarah Biography

fyah konkarah biography

People discover new Artist and music through many avenues, one thing is for sure...when they are stumbled upon, whatever it was that caused that spark, that minute of fame. Once its good enough it is sure to raise the curiosity of the listener leading to them wanting to know more, to hear more. What the artist name means, where they’re from, why they started doing music, what their stories are, what type of music they listen to. Whether they faced real struggles or if they became popular overnight, it’s the message and the life behind the scenes that truly bring the music to life.

Mystique Productions interviewed one such Artist know as the SCAAACHY ONE "FYAH KONKARAH" a vastly growing artist emerging out of Spanish Town , latest new cultural wave with a unique style and voice, delivering revolutionary sounds tearing down babylon walls one by one!

Fyah Konkarah states he does listen and support all artists despite their lyrical content and lifestyle as he is not quick to judge the shoes he has never worn.

He does state however that on his current path in life, he is more focused on spreading a more substantial and meaningful message to his fans and the people around him. Fyah Konkarah says he has been through many life-threatening situations, even near death, and is very thankful to still be physically singing, performing and writing music.


Born Remmon Navauda Cammock on October 23, 1985. Fyah Konkarah hails from the troubled parish of St. Catherine in a community located on St. Johns Road in Spanish Town. In a community plagued by gun violence over the years, Fyah KonKarah being a victim (associated) to the crimes that have plagued his community he remains revolute and focuses on his passion for “MUSIC” and to also Create a comfortable environment for himself and his family.

Fyah KonKarah over the years has lost a number of acquaintances, close friends, and even family members through crime and violence. The artist, however, he has shown greater constraint and self-control to remain undaunted by what some would say is a contagious living condition /environment.

He went to the Labour Lawn Early childhood facility where he graduated and went on to Friendship Primary School. Fyah KonKarah graduated from the Friendship Primary, then he completed 3 years at the Horizon Park all age School and went on to continue his high school studies at Spanish Town high, which is where he got the name Fyah KonKarah after a clash with three other artists from other classes in which he won.

Fyah Konkarah showed some signs of his passion for the music as he along with (his sister Tassan) who was the lead singer for the Sunday school choir, and he also would always hang out on the corner with friends just to as they call it "hold a vibe" and drop two lyrics.


The absence of parents (mostly fathers) during growing up age as a common cry for the children of the ghetto (garrison) community, and unfortunately Fyah KonKarah is no exemption from this garrison phenomena. As a child Fyah KonKarah was forced to live and grow up without the presence or influence of a male figure or role model, his father was absent from a very early age (before he knew him ). This made life much harder growing up in the garrison but Remmon held firm and he did remarkably well up to the point where he finally got a chance to meet his father for the first time at age 16.

Fyah Konkarah started deejaying from a tender age of 9 years old growing up listening to papa san, lieutenant Stichie, Bob Marley, beanie man, Bounty Killa, Sizzla, Bushman and Daddy Screw.

These artists help to inspire him to write his own lyrics and developing his own style. by the year 2000 he was part of a group called (element crew) which consist of 4 members; Mussu, Shacka p, Johnty, and Genekal. Fyah Konkarah became the 5th element of the group, they were collaborating making music for some time until the group dissolved in single acts and most members pursued different goals. even if it was still in the line of music. Yet that didn’t demotivate Fyah Konkarah from achieving his goals.

In 2003 just before he graduated from high school he became part of another group called (UNTOUCHABLE - ANTARAGE) with artist like;- Craiggis, Nightmare, Rekka, Futuristic, Spracket and Genekal which all still do their independent music even though the group no longer exists.


It holds true that most Rastafarian conversion marks a point in one’s life where tragedy strikes or where one has reached a cross road, for Fyah KonKarah it was the unfortunate and untimely death of his close cousin Mike in 2004 that lend to him taking a reality check and hence the decision to convert to the faith which he now holds so direly to, Rastafarianism.

Fyah KonKarah has worked with a host of different studios and producers in an effort to get his music out there, these labels include: Villa Mafia records, spit Fyah records, concrete rose, L.H.M music, Brown Nose records, king of kings, RTD, Allconnect records, Samdigi and Vendetta studio just to name a few.

Fyah Konkarah got his first official song release on L.H. music label in 2008 a collaboration featuring Potential - song titled (GANJA) on the Ghetto party riddim


Fyah KonKarah is currently active recording on a regular basis with a lot of new releases and some great Productions from several labels and producers.

Fyah KonKarah also performs every chance he gets on local talent shows and community events. He is also a promoter for a weekly event called (Scaaachy Wednesday) held at 58 St Johns road Spanish Town St Catherine. He tried entering several competitions in his earlier pursuit of glory such as Magnum kings and queens of dancehall three consecutive years in a row. Never actually worked out on his behalf at that time, however, He didn’t stop there. He worked harder to produce more and develop his skills. In the year 2011 he got featured on a collab with the artist Craiggis, song titled (Pree Man Suh--Stand Tall riddim-- J&G Records) there was also a video for the song that was showing on RE TV and TVJ.

In 2012 he connected with (all connect records) got one song release on their label In that same year titled (Inna di ghetto-poetry riddim) which have gotten him a lot of exposure and fans worldwide especially the motherland AFRICA. Then in 2013 got another song release on (J&G Records) titled (Gyal wine -Thumpa riddim) linked up with(spit-fiyah - records) that same year and did a track release on their label titled (love di Gyal dem--top game riddim), and the following year in 2014 spit-fiyah records release two hits single titled ( Chatty mouth ..on Team-strike riddim ) and ( Real link …on S.E.X riddim ) in 2015

All the failures, obstacles and challenges he has faced over the years, Fyah KonKarah has remained undaunted and fully focused on developing his talent and launching his career for his eventual big break in the music business. So as always he kept on pushing and working harder and harder towards making his dream a reality recording and performing even when his songs are not being released or playing on the radio.

Regardless of all the disappointment and set back he was as fierce as a wolf, knowing that giving up is not an option, in 2015 he went back to magnum kings and queens of dancehall audition in Portmore St Catherine did extremely well, got through, pass the judges but still didn’t get called for the live show. Never the less it as given Fyah Konkarah a lot of exposure and highlights locally and globally, he then linked up with his brother ( Khary ) of GreatX production and ( British links) teamed up and release a single titled (find a better girl ).

Fyah KonKarah is set to and has released lots of singles throughout the past years like ( REAL LINK….OVERCOME….INNA DI GHETTO …NEVER GIVING UP ) and a lot more GREAT TUNES is set to be released soon on several labels locally and international.


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Nichelous Music

Nichelous Music

Nichelous Music

Nichelous Music

Jamaica And Aruba are Miles apart yet Nicholas Fearon more popularly known as Nichelous has been working to unite not only the two Islands but all nations by connecting people globally with his new upcoming album. He hits hard at the racial, mental and physical bondage that has been a major tool used to deprive the youth of their ability to focus on the importance of life, love and unity. 

Nichelous music is now greater than ever.

With his previous hits like Rise Marcus, and Jah I Need You paving the way, he opens doors to new hits such as "Your Brother Is Not Your Enemy" A single from His Upcoming Album, which is trending hard on digital platforms worldwide. The artist has big plans to release the full album of none stop hits before the end of 2018 along with several other tracks and has been working constantly to give you the best of Nichelous Music.

To hear his latest trending songs and/or view his biography, Click the following link..  BIOGRAPHY

You can also check out 

Take A Moment to listen and appreciate authentic music from the heart, fully supported by Mystique Productions Jamaica.

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The Harder They Come

The Harder They Come

The Harder They Come by Fyah Konkarah getting great reviews from the reggae fraternity.

The harder they come which was produced in Jamaica by Mystique Productions speaks of bad-minded people who always try to bring you down or slow your progression with there negative attitudes.

Wolf in sheep clothes is what we call it!!

the track is featured on the 2018 album...Reggae Revolution which features several upcoming talented Jamaican Artists.

Find it here...



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As a Human being, we all know everybody has to deal with tough times. Gaining a gold medal or a big production or promotion doesn’t make any difference in regards to that. It is necessary to get used to falling down and getting up again.

Never give up, and be confident in what you do!

There will always be tough times and rough roads, but these obstacles which we face day to day will make us more determined to achieve our objectives and to win against all the odds!


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K’neil Ablaze 2018

K’neil Ablaze 2018

K'neil Ablaze 2018 releases

K'neil Ablaze a List of releases and Pre-Releases

But First...

A bit of

fun facts

Music can repair brain damage. Music therapists often use a style of singing that utilizes rhythmic pacing with simple words and phrases to encourage conversational speech when working with victims of a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Music is processed on the right side of your brain whereas speech is processed on the left. Through this music based therapeutic approach of singing rather than speaking, a connection is made from the left to the right hemisphere. This connection between the two hemispheres helps to create new pathways and repair damaged parts of the brain through this stimulation. Want to learn more about this therapeutic strategy? Another great testimony of how music changed someone's life is that of congresswoman “Gabby” Gifford.


                                                                                                                                                                  STOP CHEAT
DELILAHWARN DEM by K'neil Ablaze





Available now
"Kenneil Redwood," aka K'neil Ablaze. 

He was born in Jamaica at the Kingston Public Hospital. 

 He began to Realize his conscious love for music from as far as pre-school.”

He went to McCauley primary in Spanish Town, St Catherine, Then Lawrence Tavern Primary, in St. Andrew, 

He then went on to Calabar High School. Where His personal love deepened in writing & performing his own songs. 

Now with a stronger drive, he is geared towards providing non-stop conscious clean reggae music to the world

K'neil Ablaze 

International Reggae Artist is currently in Las Vegas preparing tracks and album for 2018 and beyond.

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share the love, promote clean positive music with meaning!

It is said that a Physical effect of music on  "Brain function" is that it physically changes in response to music


to be continued. ....

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Music Industry 

Mystique Productions

Creating new and diverse music is our passion. Giving listeners something different from the norm! 
At Mystique Productions all our rhythms and tracks are unique in nature. Our beats are mixtures of almost all genres of music through different compositions. 
The tracks are a variety of mostly clean lyrical conscious music, along with a few rough rebellious swings...

we try not to put too much hostility and demeaning lyrics in our tracks although all such criticisms are really based on perception. 

However, we strive to provide mainly positive messages to our audience, while keeping it fun and entertaining, "because that's what music is really about!" 

The heartbeat freeing your soul from all depression and frustrations.

So if you're interested in positive thoughts and lyrics..and you can "overstand the Jamaican dialect!"
Check us out at Mystique Productions 
Just click the name to see our website.
We also offer many services to artiste and musician, stop by and check us out.

The reggae scene, especially in Jamaica, is said to be limited... but many underground reggae artistes just really needs to be able to get their voice heard. The stigma created behind the industry that causes so much jealousy, envy and greed has to end. 
Artiste such as kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Chronixx, and protoje started this trend of unity amongst each other and teamwork.
Artist like I Wayne, Fanton Mojah, and Natty King, Rohan Lee are great artist that needs to be heard. 

"Such as Greats like Sizzla,  Capleton, Damian and Stephen Marley".

We respect all Artist and believe each plays their role in developing the industry. I intend to work with as many as possible throughout my journey.

At this point, I would also like to recommend upcoming artists such as K'neil Ablaze, Fyah Konkarah, Shakka P,  Daramus Johnson, L.E.A.D and Jah Face.

Give thanks to all the supporters of Mystique Productions, it is greatly appreciated. 

One love every time. 
Jah children live On!!!


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Music Production Services

Music Production Services


Music Production Services


how does your music sound, when it is compared with other hot radio tracks and also your favorite tracks aired daily on public radio or t.v. "How does it really sound is it hot? "

Did you think of it as  “Legendary (authentic with a long life span and professional listening pleasure  ” ?

Did it sound “average” ? ( Able to understand and listen too)

Was it exciting and overwhelming? (Something your audience can elevate to and relate to)

Or Did you think of it as basic “Not so good…” n ? (something  that would get you a pat on your shoulder)

In any case: 

We have the right answers and solutions for any track!

Because after we remake and edit your tracks songs and recordings.

There is officially no comparison.

This is because you can never officially compare a song based off you listening experience.

There’s are many level's to this business, steps that need to be taken in order to fully optimize your track to get it's full potential, and if your not taken these steps you will not have the full impact of what you are listening to.

mystique Productions will teach you these steps to gaining a fully professional track through professional recording, mixing and mastering of your track to get that upbeat natural full ambiance needed to create a professional single, e.p., album or editing you need to get your music on the road.

This is because our techniques are very easy and our methods guarantee quality and elevation.

Let us edit or create your track and reasonable rates, Then let me Know if we answered our own questions previously mentioned and if you think your work is satisfactory as offered.

Then let us know if your view towards your music changes in a positive way....

Or if our talk beats our actions!!!

Let us change the way you view your music in which ever genre you apply to, we provide you with all music production services, beats on lease or sale, full rights or rights to use!

Send Us Your email today and we will respond as soon as possible emails are coming in fast!!!!


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Reggae/dancehall Top Artists

Reggae/Dancehall Trending Artist Videos



Kneil Ablaze

Reggae/Dancehall's international artist K'neil Ablaze "The Voice Of The People". 

Ablaze is currently trending fast, with his hit song geared to clean up the common minded perception of beautiful women "which includes all women as their is no real description to beauty" having to solicit their body through deception to gain temporary pleasure, values and vanity.

Kneil believes in independent, loving and caring women, with the ability to believe in... and take care of themselves, to go out in the world not to try to sell themselves short, but to step out and independently gain and accomplish their goals, open doors to great opportunities and become successful in life.

At the current rate that women are killed through the lines of prostitution and insecure relationships, I ask you to listen carefully to the words of this track.

I urge you to look into the signs of life ladies, and begin thinking of your family if you have one, I'f not I urge you to create a healthy one, stay conscious and focused on increasing your health, wealth and status in this world, not to please anyone else but to develop your self into the beautiful person you are.


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Mystique Productions

Online Music Production Services 

We provide mixing, Mastering, editing, recording, dubplate, rhythms/ beats and all production services.

Artist Booking, gigs, jingles, harmonizing, drops and dubplates are also available!!!

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kneil ablaze
Kneil Ablaze mystique productions
"Music Production Services Online"



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Rohan Lee

A rastaman from Rockfort, the cradle of reggae. A true born rastaman, his authenticity made obvious by the words he speaks, his actions and, of course, his music.

Furthermore, Rohan Lee is a talented singer-songwriter, the likes of which they havent heard nor seen in Jamaica since Bob Marley. Rohan Lee writes authentic and original reggaesongs, roots & culture in the true sense of the word. This translates into authentic riddims, shaped into creative arrangements. His lyrics come straight from the heart and are inspired by the singers habitat, the dilapidated comunities in the Southeast of Kingston.



There, Rohan Lee -at a tender age- familiarised himself with the nyahbinghi-drums of the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari , a collective of musicians who have laid the foundations of reggae music long ago, inspired countless Jamaican superstars through the decades and have been touring with increasing success throughout Europe the last couple of years. In the spring of 98, Rohan and the Mystic Revelation embarked in the Old World for a series of concerts in France, Switzerland, Denmark and Italy. It was his first introduction to a public that compared to Jamaica- far prefers the classical reggae to its dancehall offspring.

This is of course, the main reason for Rohan to be largely ignored in his own habitat. Electronic, prefabricated riddims have dominated the Jamaican airwaves for the last 15 years and in the yard, nobody is really waiting for the next Bob Marley anymore. Ironically, the King of Reggae is the only person to whom Rohan could be compared. He also radiates love and trust, sharply contrasted by his often bitter lyrics about poverty and injustice, and just like the old master he can captivate and silence the crowd all by himself, singing and playing pure reggae with only his guitar as an accompaniment. Just like Bob Marley he writes songs that linger in your mind for days -clean-cut hits as one says- which children memorise and sing effortlessly.

After the tour with Mystic Revelation, in the summer of 98, Rohan did a number of club-gigs in Belgium. At Reggae 98, the mega-festival in Geel (15.000), he concluded the afternoon-programme, making a big impression on all who was present, connoisseurs and laymen alike, irie or sober. These performances had such a beautiful and convincing quality, which prompted the European Reggae Foundation to bring Rohan over to Europe in 99 for a second stint of summer gigs. With the aspiration of bringing him a step closer to the international recognition he so richly deserves and, of course, to bring us the message of Ras Tafari, the half thats never been told.


Some of the people who were impressed by Rohans performance in Geel were a couple of Dutch reggae musicians who used to be part of a rootsband called The Vibe. Through the mystic of rastafari, they were inspired to start playing Rohans songs, from a tape he send them. By the time Rohan Lee arrived in Europe, the band had found a name (The Recipe) and reached a level that no other continental reggae band ever came near to. Classic tight rhythm section, excellent guitar work, Mittoo-like keyboards and a great horns section: The Recipe created a sound that can only be described by using the names of reggaes very greatest, even more powerful en beautiful than Rohan himself could have ever imagined. July 23rd 1999, the 109th anniversary of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Rohan Lee & The Recipe played their very first show, the first in a series of eight that impressed thousands of people in Belgium and Holland. Classic roots reggae has found a new messenger...


It was famous Belgian singer Cocojr. (who recorded an album with Sly & Robbie himself a couple of years ago) who joined Rohan and the band in the studio to record this great album, arguably one of the most beautiful, authentic and refreshing reggae releases of the nineties and a great promise for the future.

Reggae has found its way again, the right way, the road to Zion. Jah live

First Live Hit Video in Europe

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Imani Speaks on K’neil Ablaze “Reggae/Dancehall” Artist

Imani Speaks on K’neil Ablaze “Reggae/Dancehall” Artist

Mystique Productions Presents

Imani Speaks on Kneil Ablaze!!!

Mystique Production Presents " Imani Speaks Wonderful interview with Kneil Ablaze."

mystique productions Kneil Ablaze mystique Productions

mystique productions

Read and listen to the artist's views there is a lot being said that should actually be thought about, Leave your views and comments, Imani Speaks a beautiful Interview, lots of inspiring and positive thought from a artist from a garrisoned community in jamaica... Kneil Ablaze!  


View, Share and Leave Your Comments>

Imani Speaks Interviews Kneil Ablaze  Follow The Link To View Interview

Mystique Productions offers you the best in Productions services, such as Mixing, mastering, editing tracks, remakes, voicing, CD restoration and all your studio services need.

We also do graphics designs, photo shoots, videos, artist press kits and packages etc.

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“Mystique Productions” 
Music Productions Online

“Mystique Productions” 

Music Production Services Online 

Music Production services  is what Mystique Productions provides to the entire World, we strive to satisfy every genres hunger for music,

If you are interested in getting beats, your music on the road, mixed or mastered.

We Are What You Need

We would like to thanks all our valid friends and clients for there ongoing support, may this year bring you laughter and joy.

Mystique Productions provides you next level entertainment.



We specialize in reggae music Productions but are able to create any genre of music through a wide range of producers, new Productions coming soon!!!!!!!!


mystique productions

   For the best in bookings and promotions

Keep your eyes on your goals and continue moving forward !!!

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