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how does your music sound, when it is compared with other hot radio tracks and also your favorite tracks aired daily on public radio or t.v. "How does it really sound is it hot? "

Did you think of it as  “Legendary (authentic with a long life span and professional listening pleasure  ” ?

Did it sound “average” ? ( Able to understand and listen too)

Was it exciting and overwhelming? (Something your audience can elevate to and relate to)

Or Did you think of it as basic “Not so good…” n ? (something  that would get you a pat on your shoulder)

In any case: 

We have the right answers and solutions for any track!

Because after we remake and edit your tracks songs and recordings.

There is officially no comparison.

This is because you can never officially compare a song based off you listening experience.

There’s are many level's to this business, steps that need to be taken in order to fully optimize your track to get it's full potential, and if your not taken these steps you will not have the full impact of what you are listening to.

mystique Productions will teach you these steps to gaining a fully professional track through professional recording, mixing and mastering of your track to get that upbeat natural full ambiance needed to create a professional single, e.p., album or editing you need to get your music on the road.

This is because our techniques are very easy and our methods guarantee quality and elevation.

Let us edit or create your track and reasonable rates, Then let me Know if we answered our own questions previously mentioned and if you think your work is satisfactory as offered.

Then let us know if your view towards your music changes in a positive way....

Or if our talk beats our actions!!!

Let us change the way you view your music in which ever genre you apply to, we provide you with all music production services, beats on lease or sale, full rights or rights to use!

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