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Kneil Ablaze Press Release


(Kingston , Jamaica)
If Reggae is about cultural expression of truth and rights through music due to our rebelous nature, then the Reggae artist K'neil Ablaze is right up there with the reggae rebels.
The international Reggae population will  give credit to this young man for his lyrical content on social issues and overall livity. This young  Artist is about to make his voice, lyrics and topics  an exciting addition  to  the Reggae scene. K'neil's mission is to put forth a righteous flow of energy  to change the negative influence and mindset that is like a plague in the younger generation around the world. 

He went to various schools between parishes in the island J.a. His personal love deepend in High school (Calabar High School) where his friends were singing, writing, performing their own songs. 

Persons who are of infleunce in the J.a music arena be it writing, engineering and /or performing of lyrics.
After High School He divinely connected with community engineer and aspiring -at the time-  recording producer Andre Walker, now Mystique Production.
He started making connects with various aspiring recording artistes, producers engineers, in St.Catherine, Kingston and St.Andrew. 

-parishes traveled by recording artist.-

Entered song competitions, especially Portmore, St. Catherine's very own, 'Portmore's Talent Search'. Won by now internationally acclaimed recording artist 'Gyptian'.

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There is no doubt that the artist lends an ear to the cries of injustice in the world. Kneil Ablaze the song writer express his feelings via his musical talents and his determination to correct the systematically breakdown within society due to the lack  of  conscious meditation and affirmations amongst the people. 
Not only has his musical vibes been described as authentic in terms of the lyrical content,  K'neil is considered by many an aspiring,  devoted,  conscious  and educated young man "with vision". fans have characterized his music as embodying "Hope' a voice of the voiceless."
The precise  lyrics of his latest hit songs “delilah” is trending globally , and others such as raise warn dem and stop  cheat” 

Kneil Ablaze is currently working on a reggae album. This album will showcase the true talent of the artist in full effect.  To show the results of years of crafting and growing within the music organization. 
Kneil Ablaze brings fresh authentic song writing skills. His main influences come from Garnet Silk, Buju Banton, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh amongst many more conscious lyrical elites. 
Be sure to listen and share his passion of sparking the interest of the population towards clean conscious and appealing reggae music. 
This self made reggae super star will with no doubt  change the world one song at a time. Appealing to the hearts of those who can relate to consciousness, reality,  roots and culture. 

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