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About Mystique Productions

The signs in life are many!

We face new lessons daily which materialize through age and experiences, and when we are able to learn from these lessons, one is compelled to Broadcast it to the world. That is the Calling!


Sometimes our Methods may seem like lashing out against society and leaders, but actually we are working to stimulate both our minds and yours with Positive and entertaining productions, removing race, class, values and discrimination.

Removing the oh so popular  “Red tape” and bringing true change to the world.

So even though I might be giving you a little history lesson and a little peek  into the future, all at the same time, by no means is this old or irrelevant news, what you are about to embark upon is a whole new level of productions and promotions.

Which is to say: It’s About Mystique Productions… A natural mystic!

Mystique Productions is the organization to represent you – collectively, it is a host of musicians-slash-producers-slash-singers-slash-songwriters and engineers known by many names collectively mystique Productions.

Nothing never really changes : things constantly advance!!!

“We believe that music is a highly powerful medium that evokes an emotional response from the listener, engaging them on a far deeper level than words or images alone.

Reseacrch Services

Finding the right Music/Song/Rhythms or Soundtracks is not only core to expressing your brand’s values and identity, but also acts as a highly effective catalyst for tapping into the listener’s subconscious and their ability to connect with you.” Stated Andre Walker

Personal Production Aims

  “We continuously strive to bring you the very best in production, experimenting with new sounds and genres, not to give you something the average person would like and listen to but to put some extra effort in to present you with something worthy of your time and hope it brings to you a positive message that will guide you through your day.

Healing In Music

People still have issues that bother them even when their circumstances change and that’s something to think about:

“Motivation and Integrity plays a Major Role in the organization”. As stated by “Andre Walker”: “and we try our best to educate, uplift and motivate each other towards our goals on a daily basis”.

Did you catch that?

To understand this approach, one only needs to appreciate and understand what Music Means to these individuals..

Their talented team of musicians and composers have produced a diverse range of original tracks that will leave a mark and an impression on any listener.

What We Provide

Mystique Productions is an independent recording and Music Production company, They offer Bookings for several artist, also professional voicing and mixing, rhythms, musicians, artists, dub plates, graphics designs and much more…..

Mystique Productions also specializes in original composition and Productions for entertainment and upliftment, such as songs, soundtracks, commercials. Etc.
They strive to provide quality music with meaning and encouragement towards a better tomorrow and a more positive overview on life.

Mystique promotions Provide music from a strong portfolio of artist: “with various styles and genre”.
They do not however class Themselves as producers, nor promoters, they do keep and co-ordinate events. Create music and also manage and book several different artists, especially in the fields of reggae music.

Re-established in 2012 our work has earned us outstanding experience and reputation.
We intend to produce quality tracks and rhythms that will entertain, educate and stimulate the society.


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